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5 reasons why PADI is your swimming and scuba diving needs

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

This year is your year. You are tired of watching people swim so easily or explore the magnificent underwater. You have decided to check off that bucket list and learn to swim or scuba dive. You have always wanted to do it, and here is your chance. You want to try it for yourself. You have gone through different websites, but you don't know which one to choose from. I have got a simple solution for all your swimming and scuba diving needs.

PADI - that is Professional Association of Diving Instructors.

I have compiled 5 reasons why you should learn from the PADI Syllabus, the reasons why I chose the international certification.

1. International standards

PADI was established in 1966 by John Cronin and Raplh Erickson. During their early years, recreational diving was foreign. It was limited to military diving, scientists and the elitist who wanted to test their limits underwater. With the establishment of a diving instructors association, standards were created to ensure the safety of divers who wanted to go beyond the surface of the water.

Since then, PADI has evolved with proper international standards to adhere to by its instructors. We strive to provide excellence service with adherence to the Code of Practice, Youth's Leader Commitment, and Standards and Procedure.

2. Professional

There are no shortcuts to learning. We want you to excel in swimming or scuba diving. With PADI, you can expect our instructors to be professional and courteous. Instructors would need to update their certifications annually. Just like you would for your accountants. Because of the high standards, some instructors or centres are rewarded with the PADI 5-Star certification, ensuring that you will receive quality education.

3. Extensive courses

We believe in lifelong learning. That is why the PADI Swim School begins as young as 6 months old with the Star Babies programme. Parents or guardians develop aquatic readiness with their babies, getting them comfortable in the water, before exploring to water movements and PADI Stoke School when they are older.

For underwater enthusiasts, you can begin with the Discovery Scuba Diving where you will learn the basics of diving and if you enjoy it, you can enrol in the Open Water Diver course. From there, a world of possibilities await you from Advanced Open Water, technical diving and many more.

4. Safety

We at PADI value the safety of students in the water, whether it is shallow, deep or by the pool. Starting with the PADI Swim School, students are taught safety skills in and around the water. If the student is a young child, their parents are taught water safety too, in case of emergencies. As underwater ambassadors we apply the Project Aware foundation in our diving adventures, respecting underwater life.

For Rescue Divers and beyond, the Emergency First Responder is a part of the certification. CPR, emergency oxygen provider and other emergencies response are all part of the syllabus. No matter what your level is, a safety component will be taught, because we want you to be safe while enjoying the fun part of being in the water.

5. Value for money

The PADI Swim School is a stepping stone to a window of opportunities. Learning the right technique provides you with a peace of mind of safety, allowing you to swim in any part of the world. Here you will meet others who join the same aspiration, expanding your circle and provide a lifetime of knowledge.

By joining the PADI team, I have enjoyed company with many individuals from different backgrounds, sharing the love of water in a fun and safety environment. Because of that I would like to share one other reason for joining PADI:


It really doesn't matter where you are from. At PADI we acknowledge our differences, and share our similarities.

At PADI we provide swimming and diving opportunities for persons with disabilities (PWD),and teach children of various backgrounds.

With the PADI Swim School, your swimming classes are recognised internationally. The same goes for your scuba diving license. A reputable certification acknowledged all around the world.

So start your class today with me and enjoy the benefits of learning with PADI.

Contact me at or drop me a message.

Until then, I'll see you by the pool!

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