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Hello swimmers!

Welcome to Swim With Coach E!

A place where you gain water confidence, learn swim and safety skills, and enjoy swimming & scuba diving.

Photo by Zidhan Ibrahim

About me

Hi, I'm Coach E. Thanks for coming to my page. A little bit about me, I have always love the water ever since I can remember. I don't know if being a water sign play a part, but I love it anyway. I am a certified PADI Swim Instructor & Divemaster, and I love teaching.

I want to share that love and passion of being in the water with you. Here you will find some topics such as:

  • tips to improve swimming or diving techniques

  • my experiences teaching

  • interviews with people who love water too; and

  • travelling

I also have a Master's degree in Environment, so I might share knowledge on anything related to water or the Earth too if you're interested in that.

That's me, Coach E.

Relax in the pool

So go on and explore the website. Learn something new today.

For more in-depth learning, connect with me at or drop me a message.

Until then, see you at the pool!

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